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Machining Tool-Shops

To ensure that the injection molds and stamping tools we produce comply with the uncompromising quality standard of our customers, we manufacture their components in tool-shops within our premises. the machining is done using high-precision equipment and by well trained and highly experienced technicians.

Every finished part is meticulously inspected by our quality control team for compliance with its specifications.

Having sufficient machining capacity not only ensures that we can complete tooling missions on time, it also allows us to make these capabilities available to our customers. We offer on-demand machining service according to drawings from customers. This may include tooling BOM, spare-parts or custom-made fixtures. In such cases the individual components or the entire sub-assembly are shipped directly to the customer after machining and quality control.


  • CNC: 4 machines

  • EDM: 12 machines

  • Wire-cutting: 5 machines

  • Milling/Drilling: 10 machines

  • Grinding: 24 machines

  • Lathe: 3 machines

  • CMM: 2 machines

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