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Reel-to-Reel Metal Plating


  • Plating of Cu and Fe alloy substrates, including stainless steel

  • Full, stamped and over-molded strip support
  • High-speed: up to 20m/min.

  • Two independent lines can run in parallel

  • Strip support: over 50m long, up to 70mm wide and up to 3mm thick

  • Ni and/or NiP under-layer plating

  • AuCo and/or Sn finish plating (bright or matte)
  • Controlled-depth, brush and spot plating

  • Au pore blocking treatment

  • In-house laboratory for conducting various tests, including: plating thickness, solder-ability, Salt Spray (Neutral - NSS, Acetic Acid - ASS and Acetic Acid with Copper Chloride - CASS), pH, conductivity, heavy metal concentration measured by an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), organic and additives concentrations measured by a UV/VIS Spectrometer

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