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You may just found your manufacturing partner.

We help companies worldwide by providing complete solutions in production of plastic and metal components.

Who we are

We are a family-owned group of companies that provides customers with complete solutions of manufacturing plastic and metal components.

Over the years we have won the trust and loyalty of dozens of companies worldwide, including several multinational market leaders.

As a player in a highly competitive field, we

differentiate ourselves by providing exceptional level of expertise and unparalleled customer service. 

Fairness and professional integrity are the driving force behind every decision we take. This is why we accept only business that falls squarely within our core capabilities and in which we can add value to the customer.



Become a first-choice manufacturing partner for companies that seek solutions in plastic and metal part manufacturing, whilst remaining a company where employees are happy to work at and vendors are happy to work with.

What we do

R&D Support

We help customers in the product design phase by advising on mechanical design, materials selection, technologies and more. We also provide rapid prototyping solutions that help shorten time to market.

Industrialization & Sourcing

We guide customers through the critical process of industrializing their concept designs or prototype models. This includes cost optimization, production methods, scalability and more.

Tooling Design & Development

Our in-house tool-shops allow us to produce metal stamping tools and plastic injection moulds that are either shipped to customers or stay in our factories for components manufacturing.

Components Manufacturing

Our facilities are equipped with metal stamping presses, plastic molding machines, measuring equipment and other technologies for fabrication and sub-assembly. We also maintain a network of trusted partners for various pre- and post-production tasks.

Why working with us



We will help you to reduce costs at every stage. From product design optimisation, through evaluation of raw materials and manufacturing process alternatives, to the selection of production sites and logistic arrangements.  

We will guide and advise you along the way on how to best realise your objectives in the most cost-effective way, without compromising the quality or the performance of the end product.



We pride ourselves on having a team of highly capable and experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do. Regardless of the size or the complexity of your project, our unique expertise will save you valuable time and money. We will help you improve flawed designs, minimise unproductive communication, eliminate unnecessary steps and avoid aimless trial iterations.



We believe that business is not done between companies, but between people. Therefore we do not use any automatic answering machines, customer support bots or outsourced call centres. Instead, we make ourselves available to each and every one of our customers and dedicate ourselves to answering customers' needs with fairness and integrity.



Many of our customers come from highly demanding fields such as the nuclear, medical and automotive, where top precision and quality are indispensable. This means that we do not leave anything to chance, but rather pay careful attention to every requirement, potential risk or anomaly throughout the entire project life cycle, so that you can enjoy a peace of mind.

Our Services

Plastic Injection Molds

We design and manufacture plastic injection (including over-molding) molds based on customer’s part specifications. After fabrication, test and customer-approval, the molds are shipped to the customer for production of components in its premises.

Rapid Prototyping

To help customers shorten time-to-market and evaluate their development concepts, we employ various technologies of rapid prototyping, including: 3D printing, "soft" plastic injection molds, manual machining and single-stage metal stamping tools. 

Metal Stamping Tools

We design and manufacture metal stamping and forming tools, including single-stage, multi-stage and progressive dies based on customer’s part design. After fabrication, test and qualification, the tools are shipped to the customer for production of components in its premises.

Metal Electro-Plating

We pride ourselves on operating one of China’s finest and most advanced reel-to-reel metal plating facilities, that allows us to offer full Nickel, selective Gold (spot, brush or controlled-depth) and selective bright/matte Tin (controlled-depth) plating solutions to our customers.

Component Production

Our facilities are equipped with advanced manufacturing means for production of metal and plastic parts, including plastic injection machines, metal stamping presses and reel-to-reel plating lines. We also offer customers a wide array of pre- and post-production services on demand.

WU5A0068 B&W.jpg

Most of the machined parts for our plastic injection molds and metal stamping tools are manufactured in our in-house tool-shops. This allows us to tightly control their quality, cost and lead-time. We also make available our machining capacity for customers who ask for tooling spare parts only.


Our Quality

We know how important quality is to our customers, because it is as important to us. Obtaining and maintaining exceptional quality standards is what helped us gain market-leading companies as customers in various fields.

Quality for us is not only about the final product we deliver to the customer. It is rather an indispensable part of everything we do. From the suppliers we choose to work with and the raw materials we buy, through the design and production of components, to the continuous support we provide to our customers after the products have been delivered.


Contact Us

Plovdiv (Bulgaria) Factory

TGV Bulgaria EOOD

7, eng. Asen Yordanov Str.

Plovdiv 4023, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 32 387878


For any enquiry please fill-out the following form or send us an email to: and we will get back to you shortly.

Shenzhen (China) Factory

TGV Precision Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. Co.

Block 9, Huafeng Industrial Park, 

No. 54 Guangtian Road, Luotian Community, 

Yanluo Street, Bao'an District, 

Shenzhen 518127, Guangdong, PRC

Tel.: +86 (0) 755 2340 3986 / 3991

Corporate Address

TGV International Limited

Room 606, 6/F Hollywood Centre, 

77-91 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Thank you! We will get back to you soon.

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